Method of approach

shiatsu hand massageBefore starting the treatment, an admissions interview takes place (duration: about 30 minutes).

The following will be discussed here:

  • the complaint
  • medical background
  • the client’s request for help
  • consultation concerning strategy of treatment
  • information about declaration Health insurance
  • information about conditions of payment
  • information about signing a treatment agreement, click on the link

The method of approach:

The forms of treatment of Sports massage as well as Medical Shiatsu will always be practised on bare skin.
The areas which will not be treated are covered with a towel.
Sports massage is practised on a massage couch which is adjustable in height, using oil.
Medical Shiatsu is practised on the floor on a futon, 4-layer cotton mattress, without using oil.
In Sports centre “de Wildenhorst”, Shiatsu is practised on an electric adjustable table.
The practice room at “Language of Hands “,  is conditioned with an air purification system with a Negative Ion generator and before and after the treatment, the client drinks filtered and vitalised water.  Clients do not have to bring a towel.