Namikoshi Shiatsu massage

Namikoshi Shiatsu massage is a traditional Japanese finger pressure massage which improves the self-healing capacity of the body. According to the Shiatsu-theory, 12 main energy lines/meridians > 6 Yin – 6 Yang < flow through the body. There should be a healthy field of tension between the Yin/Yang energy lines/meridians. Sometimes the field of tension is out of balance, for instance because of malnutrition, emotional/physical Stress, surgery, bad posture, less healhty lifestyle…  This often results in physical and mental/emotional complaints.  The Namikoshi Shiatsu massage ensures that the body relaxes, so that energy can flow freely through the body and can  follow its natural way again. Through rhythmic thumbpressure, palmpressure and sometimes a bit of stretching, Shiatsu is practised on the whole body. The treatment takes place on the floor, where the client is lying on a futon.


The heart of Shiatsu is like mother´s love. Pressing the human body, stimulates the fountains of life...” Tokujiro Namikoshi