Health & Wellness

“Mens sana in corpore sano “ a healthy mind in a healthy body, Hippocrates.

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The basic principle of good health lies in the communication between body and mind. Good health is linked with the balance between burden and resistance.

Imagine takes a holistic view on Health and subsequently works from the philosophy of five Pillars of Health. Health is not only a healthy Mind in a healthy Body. What is also important are aspects like healthy Relationships/Family situation, healthy Society and healthy Finances which are responsible for a pleasant life out of Health and Wellness. Imagine utilizes aTotal Wellness concept which offers practical solutions to restore the “unnatural” inside environment of our houses, offices and buildings optimally.

OWNERS: Be the boss/owner over yo over and responsible for your own health, again :

The O.W.N.E.R.S. concept stands at the basis of good health. Every letter of the word OWNERS stands for a field that is of crucial importance for our health. In other words, being boss/owner over and responsible for your own health.

O >> Oxygine

W >> Water

N >> Nutrition

E >> Exercise

R >> Rest/Recover

S >> Self development ( personal growth)