Dick den Boer

Dick den BoerMy name is Dick den Boer, born in 1955 in Surabaja, Indonesia, married to Mia Bruijne. We have two children together, Peter (1979) and Jeannette (1981). We feel privileged with our 4 grandchildren, named Tessa (2005), Anouk (2010), Nicky (2012) and Bodin (2012).

After primary school, cooking dominated my life and my training(s). Altogether, I stood behind the stove for about 28 years, from trainee cook to head chef and from institution cook to diet cook/instructor.

My interest for massages developed when I was practising Martial art. After taking several courses, I started my own business. When I “finished cooking” in 2000, I made the choice to continue as self-employed entrepreneur. On my path, I came across a Japanese company which, through partnerships, has brought a fantastic concept on the market for a healthy lifestyle and healthy living-and working environment. It’s a concept which offers practical solutions to recover the unnatural internal environment of our houses, offices and buildings. With their philosophy and their system, I can help or advise more people to do the best investment in the field of their health, personal development, and career options.

The mission of Dick den Boer, founder/owner of IMAGINE:

“My mission is helping and educate people to do the best investment in their lives with respect to health, personal development and career options and also contributing to the preservation of nature, the rain forests and primeval forests”.

The goal of my mission is: ” I am proud and grateful that I am contributing to make Society and Nature healthy again through the work that I do…”